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Automatic mirror Folding kit Ford Ranger

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Automatic mirror Folding kit Ford Ranger

Model 2012+


Specific to Ford Ranger after 2012 - all models
Easy fitting c. 30-mins
Looks super cool
Easy to see visually the car is locked
The auto folding mirrors can be found as a standard feature on many high, luxury spec cars but seems to be missing on pickup trucks. Not anymore - We have developed an easy DIY install module that gives you this feature.

This easy to install kit will automatically fold in your door mirrors when you lock your vehicle and automatically unfolds your mirrors when you unlock your vehicle Pickup truck and 4x4's are getting bigger and parking spaces seem to be getting smaller, this leaves your wing mirrors vulnerable.

The Auto mirror kit has two main purposes.

Folds in your mirrors to protect them from other motorists
Works as a Visual for you to Know 100% you have locked your vehicle.
The Kits is really easy to install with a plug and play wiring harness, requires you to connect 3 wires, Full step by step fitting instructions supplied for a quick and easy install, This is a very simple but very effective upgrade for your FORD RANGER PICKUP

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