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Tailgate damper Ford Ranger

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Tailgate damper Ford Ranger

model 2012+

2012 On Ford Ranger Load Bed Tailgate Gas Strut Kit

This quickly and easily fitted soft opening damper kit is the ultimate “feel-good” product for your pickup loadbed, as well as having very serious and practical benefits in allowing the tailgate to drop in a completely safe and controlled manner. Just open the tailgate latch and the tailgate moves to its down position at a controlled speed.

Key Benefits are:

Quality tailor made kit, specific to your model of pickup
Gives your pickup a real quality feel
Immense safety benefits, preventing risk of injury from uncontrolled drop of tailgate, particularly if children are ever in the vicinity of the tailgate.
The tailgate can now be opened with just one hand, without it ever “slamming” down.
Easily fitted in 20 minutes.
No drilling required.
Entirely additional fit, the retaining cables are left in place.

✗ Currently out of stock Delivery time: 1 – 2 weeks
incl. 21% VAT   102.00 €


Brand GT - Pro