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Black Rhino Arsenal

Black Rhino Arsenal 9.5x18 6x139.7 ET12 Product bekijken
KMC XD132 RG2 8x17 6x114.3 ET25 Product bekijken
Black Rhino Arsenal 8x17 5x120 ET30 Product bekijken

Black Rhino Arsenal

9.5x20 6x139.7 ET12

Arsenal is our latest military inspired wheel with a modified tactical look. This innovative style combines the look of modern defense to bring an off-road character to the next level. The Arsenal exhibits a bolted face upon chiseled windows - a powerful look of force that is perfect for the adventure minded overland explorers. We set our sights to offer one of the most unique off road wheels from Black Rhino down to its unique center cap. This modern style really drills in the attitude of an indestructible, explosive-proof look to a whole new caliber.

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Maat 9.5
Diameter 20
PCD 6x139.7
Naafgat 112
ET 12